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               Make Your Workplace A

               Giving Place

The social impact office amenity that companies and employees love

A Workplace Giving Tool Focused on 

Solving a Real Employee Need

Donii empowers employees to donate

things they don't need to local people who do.

Any day of the year. Right from the workplace.

Implement, Run, and Measure...


Donii is easy to set up and a breeze to use.

A new favorite feature of the employee experience.

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Donation Drop Off.png
Donii Kiosk

The Donii Kiosk

Donii's app intelligently matches your goods with local charities.

Find your charity, print a label,

stick it on your items.

Drop your stuff in the box...

and congratulate yourself! 

"We're the office perk

you've been dreaming of."

- The Donifant

The Donifant
Google Loves Donii

"We're always gushing about how much we love 

and are utilizing Donii."

Natasha R,  Site Lead ABP

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