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Doni(i) Is the esperanto*

word for "Give."

*A language created by linguists to allow people of different backgrounds to communicate.

"We may not all have cash to spare,

we might be short on time to share,

but everyone has stuff to give!"

- The Donifant

The Donifant

Why we do it


founder's story

Angie Janssen | Founder and CEO 

In 2015 Angie wanted to give her barely used guest room bed to someone she imagined could really use it: a family moving out of a shelter and into permanent housing, or the parents of a foster child finally outgrowing his toddler cot.  Imagining the family was easier than finding it.  Despite knowing that a struggling family in her vicinity would undoubtedly love to give a new bed a warm homecoming, it eventually went on craigslist – a casualty of the inability of those who are able to give and those who are willing to receive to communicate. Donii was born of the belief that generosity combined with connectivity can meaningfully alleviate material need.


impact stories

Amy S. at Microsoft New England donated kitchen supplies.

"This donation was given to a single mother of two young daughters who became homeless after ending an abusive domestic situation. The sudden loss of household income caused her to fall behind on rent, leading to eviction, then homelessness. FamilyAid Boston accepted her into our Rapid Re-Housing program and placed her into a new apartment with her girls. This generous donation of kitchen supplies was a much needed addition to her new home."

- FamilyAid Boston (Donii nonprofit partner)

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